Convert Torrent to Direct Link Download and Stream Torrents Online.

Convert Torrent to Direct Link Download and Stream Torrents Online.

Convert Torrent to Direct Link Download and Stream Torrents Online.

Convert Torrent to Direct Link Download and Stream Torrents Online.

Downloading Torrents is a thing now. Everybody loves torrents  because they are so good. They are easy to use and a great way of sharing files and content across the internet. But you have been downloading torrents wrong this whole time. Stick to the end of the post and find out how to properly download torrents – 2018 way.

Lets get started.

What are torrents?

Everyone must be aware of torrents. If not here is a quick overview of torrents –  not technical explanation but a plain simple explanation of the whole idea of torrents. File can be uploaded by a user and then the torrent file can be shared among users.  Users having the torrent file can download directly from the uploader as well as others who has the same torrent file on their system. Before using a torrent client to share your data, you must know that there are trackers, peers and seeders involved in the process of torrenting.

The torrent files will be split into smaller portions while downloading. People who has some portion of those files are called peers. Once your download get completed and you have the file in your system, you become Seeder. If you wish to share the file after downloading and a different person starts to download the file, he becomes a leecher. The number of Seeders and Peers is a factor which determines the speed of downloads. When number of seeders increase speed increases and when the number or leechers increase, the speed reduces.

Downloading Torrents – Old School Method:

For downloading files using torrents, we download a small file with .torrent extension first. After downloading the torrent file, we will use a torrent client to download our Main File. The normal way in which torrents are downloaded is using Torrent Clients like uTorrent or Bittorrent.

These are small software clients that help us download torrents.  But this is not the best way to download torrents . Downloading  movie torrents, music torrents, or game torrents can be  more easier and more convenient by using the cloud.

Normal way of Downloading Torrents:

  1. If you are on PC, you can download uTorrent or Bittorrent for PC and if on Android you can try uTorrent for Android or some other apps like Flud or aTorrent.
  2. After Installing the software/applications, you can simple add the torrent file and start downloading.

Convert Torrent to Direct Link

So today we will see how we can download torrents much faster using Cloud. When using the torrent client applications your downloading speeds will be limited to the available peers and seeds. Sometimes this can be very frustrating. Some torrents may take hours to days depending on the speed we get. What if we can store the torrent file in a drive online like Google Drive or DropBox? What if we can download torrents at their maximum speeds?

How to Convert Torrent to Direct Download Link

  1. Go to Seedr Website and create a FREE Account.
  2. Verify Email  and Login to Seedr Account.
  3. There are 3 ways to add a torrent  file to Seedr Cloud Storage:
    • Find the .torrent file link and paste it in Seedr.
    • Get the torrent magnet  link and paste it in Seedr.
    • Download the torrent file to your PC or Phone and upload it to Seedr.
  4. Once the torrent gets added to Seedr, Click Download.
  5. You will get a direct link with resume support with High Download Speeds.

Download Torrents on Cloud

Using Seedr, you can convert torrent magnet link to direct link which can be then downloaded at full speed. There is no waiting for seeders or leechers. Once the magnet link is added to Seedr, the download can be started immediately without any waiting or limits.

And the best thing is that the Files on Seedr can be accessed  from your PC or Phone or Tablet.


Here is a screenshot of the downloading speeds. You can see that the speeds are not limited, you will be getting the maximum download speeds supported by your internet connection. Also see that the Downloads are resume-able meaning if downloads fail  you can resume again from where it  was left off. I have been personally using Seedr for almost a year and i have never returned back to using uTorrent or any other Bittorrent Client. This is really good service and i hope  you will find it very useful.

How to  Stream Torrents Online

Next up we will see how we can stream torrents online without actually having to download it. This is very helpful if you want to watch a movie or a video , you don’t have to first download and then play the movie or video. You can directly watch the torrent movie online using Seedr. First thing is to add the torrent to seedr by following the above steps. Using seedr you can easily stream almost all media files like video and audio files. You’ll never have to download a movie torrent anymore just for watching it.

Step 1. Add the movie torrent to seedr. It will be seeded into seedr account and the file will be visible in the dashboard. If you see a folder, open the folder.

Step 2. Once it is added  successfully, right click and select Play Video. You can see that the movie/video will start to play and you can watch it online without having to downloading it.

How to Increase Seedr Storage

Seedr gives you enough storage to download torrents to the cloud. You can use the seedr storage to convert magnet link to direct download link or to converts torrent file to direct download links easily. Once you have converted the desired torrent to direct link and downloaded the file to the PC, you can delete the file from Seedr to make space for new torrents.

But if you want to store more files in your Seedr storage, Seedr allows us to increase the storage by doing some simple tasks like sharing  Seedr on social medias.  Let us see how we can increase  the Seedr storage to more than 6GB.

Increase Seedr Storage by Sharing it With Friends

  1. Get you share link from the Seedr Dashboard ( Earn Free Space).
  2. Share the link with your friends and ask them to Sign Up to Seedr.
  3. Both you and your friend will be given additional 500MB storage on Seedr.
  4. You can do this 4 times (with 4 friends) to get a total of additional 2GB.
  5. This makes the storage to 4GB (2GB Initial + 2GB Referral).

Increase Seedr Storage by Sharing in Social Media

You can increase the seedr storage by doing the above tasks. You can get upto 2.5GB by completing these tasks. You can only get these additional storage once. So in total you can get 2GB+2GB+2.5GB = 6.5GB of Storage in Seedr for FREE.

If you need more storage and functionalities, Seedr offers  a range of Premium Plans. You can check the pricing  here.

Final Thoughts

I used to download torrents using uTorrent Client before i came across Seedr. When i first saw Seedr, I thought it is not that useful or it might have a lot of restrictions like ZBigz, but i was proved wrong by Seedr once I started using it. Till date I have never switched back to uTorrent or Torrent Clients after using Seedr.

I have recommended it to all my friends and they also find it very easy and useful. I definitely hope you guys like it once you give it a try. This is the best way to download torrents  with high speed.


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