12+ Keyword Research and Analysis Tools to Boost Your SEO (Free and Premium)

12+ Keyword Research and Analysis Tools to Boost Your SEO (Free and Premium)

12+ Keyword Research and Analysis Tools to Boost Your SEO (Free and Premium)

SEO is changing day by day. Nobody’s know what is going to happen on the next day. When Google is going to announce its next algorithm? These questions are usually asked on search forums and nobody is there to answer these questions. If nobody knows the answer then it is better to be on the safe side. It is well said that if you don’t have arms then how you can fight the battle. In our case, the more awesome the tools will be the better results we will get.

Keyword research has always played an important role in search engine ranking. Every post begins with keyword research. Everyone wants search engine traffic so it is important to find the terms which are searched by people on search engines. There are many tools which can help you in this regard and give you a complete detailed data about keywords.

Best Keyword Research Tools to Help Plan Your New Site

I am listing here the most famous and used keyword researching tools. This list contains free as well paid keyword researching tools.

1. Google Keyword Planner

This tool is commonly named as Google adwords tool but now they have merged this keyword tools with other seo tools and named it as keyword planner. Keyword planner helps you to do keyword research. You can check the global traffic for a specific phrase or you can check traffic with reference to a specific region.

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Every successful post begins with keyword research. You can find high traffic phrases and optimize your post for these keywords. This tool has the following features.

Search for keyword and ad group ideas.
Estimate global and local search volume.
Keyword competition.
Average CPC.

2. Übersuggest

Übersuggest is a free keyword research tool that adds a letter to your selected phrase and then finds results based on Google and other search engine suggestions. This tool can help you get thousands of ideas with one click. You can use these suggestions as your post heading or make them your new post title.

3. SEMrush

SEMrush is recommended by many famous seo’s .It is the best seo software which is used for keyword research and website analysis. SEMrush have a powerful keyword database. You can do keyword research, analyze the competition between keywords, compute CPC and find organic keywords.

It gathers suggestion from Google adwords tools and has the lowest error rate as detected by Moz team.

4. Bing Keyword Research

This keyword research tool is the part of Bing webmaster tools. It gives ideas based on searches made on bing.com. This is a free service but you have to sign up for Bing webmaster tools to avail this service.

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5. SEO Books

Seo Book is a free Firefox add-on and it helps you to generate a list of keyword suggestion related to your selected keyword tools. You have to sign up for their service (Free) and then install their add-on on Firefox. It also provides daily search volume, price estimation from Google adwords and links to other suggestions.

6. Word Tracker

Word tracker is a free keyword research tool (limited facilities). It provides you some common suggestion with high traffic and give you some further details like kei, total search volume etc. You can get this tool on subscription basis.

7. Moz Keyword Difficulty Tool (Paid)

Keyword difficulty is a paid tool provided to only premium members. You can enter 20 keywords and check traffic, difficulty, competition and top websites ranking for the keyword.

8. Wordstream

Wordstream is also a free keyword suggestion tool which helps you to get high end search ideas for your new post. The free version only shows the keyword suggestion and relative frequency. To get complete details, you need to get a data plan.

9. Word Post

Word post tool is also free keyword research tool and it gives exact searches for the selected keywords as well as keyword suggestions related to that phrase. It also provides some additional information like total monthly traffic.

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10. Suggester (Promediacorp.Com)

Suggester is a free tool which gives suggestion like Ubersuggest. Whenever you enter some keywords in Google, it gives you some suggestion. The only problem is that these suggestions are limited to 4 to 5 rows. Suggestor helps you find all the keyword in the form of list and you can get cool ideas from these suggestions.

11. Long Tail Pro (Paid)

Long tail pro is the best keyword searching tools which give you suggestion related to your keywords. Beside this, it also provides other details like global monthly searches, keyword effectiveness, keyword competitions, average CPC, top 10 competitors and much more.

12. Hit Tail

Hit tail is specialized in long tail keyword research. It is a paid tool and you have to select a suitable plan out of four available plans by the company. Just think which keyword is required for your post and get hundreds of post suggestions.

I think you have gone through the post and tested all the tools. Now it depends upon you which tool you want to use. You can use all these free and paid tools to get suited keywords for your project. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and if I have missed any tool then mention it in comments.


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